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Wrestling in itself builds character through adversity. It teaches people how to overcome challenges, handle emotions, and become a good team player while at the same time developing yourself as an individual - through hard work and dedication.

Aaron Henare

Aaron Henare is a Professional Wrestler and former New Zealand National Champion Freestyle, Greco-Roman, and Grappling champion. 

Henare has gained international recognition in Japan, the U.K., and Australia as one of the top Kiwi Wrestlers in the world, being signed one of the world’s largest Professional Wrestling companies, New Japan Pro Wrestling. It is from this experience that Henare looks to train the new age of wrestlers in New Zealand.

Drawing on Māori and Japanese cultural frameworks, Warrior Wrestling Academy seeks to offer New Zealanders a unique, challenging and fulfilling means of training.

Whether for general exercise, strength, and conditioning or for people looking to make a career out of Wrestling, we endeavor to give you the skills, training, tools, guidance, and environment you need in order to find the Warrior Within – through Wrestling.